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mini EARTHLINGS kit is for those who want to give their families a good start by learning a new skill and being creative. It is for those who are conscious of what they use on their skin and are mindful of the planet.


mini EARTHLINGS kit is for those moments where you just want to bond with your loved one away from screen time, creating cherished memory!


It was also designed for those who want to give a perfect gift because they want someone to have healthy skin and good hygiene habits!


Last but in no way least, it is for you too, as a treat to yourself and an inspiration to learn and take time for you… time to make your own skincare and cherish its benefits in it’s pure and natural form. We have many adults subscribing to these too! (Just say it's for an adult at checkout and we will send you grown up ingredients!)


What's included in the monthly kit?

  • Easy to follow Recipe

  • Ingredients

  • Fragrance - made from Essential Oils and Coconut oil (if required)

  • Colour (if  required)

  • Moulds (if required)

Please Note:  Orders have to be placed by the last day of the month to be shipped by the 15th of that month.


Not Included: Bowls, spatulas, whisks, etc you will need to make your products.

How does it work?

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