Let's drop the BOMB in the BATH

Updated: Nov 29, 2019

October - Strawberries & Cream Bath Bombs

Creamy, nourishing, fizzy bathbombs

This October we are sharing our secret recipe to make your own bath bombs.

When I dropped the bath bomb in the kids bath, my kids were so excited and my mum was shocked and said “Is that all it does?”. Bless her, she had never made them to know how nourishing and skin kind they can be and the hours of fun you can have making them into different forms.

So here is the GOOD part of bath bombs.

When you drop a bath bomb in the water the two ingredients (Baking Powder and Citric Acid) start fizzing releasing wonderful scents and skin kind ingredients. So lets look at some of ingredients we send in our kits.

Shea Butter: This is known for its softening, protecting and regenerating properties by stimulating the synthesis of collagen. Its perfect for sensitive and damaged skin as its also know to add a natural UV filter.

Olive Oil: This is a well known oil for dry skin because it contains some amazing fatty acids that restore the oil balance of the skin, and also has antioxidants that form a protective layer on the skin.

Coconut Milk Powder: This is our special ingredient that makes everything creamy and adds the added benefits derived from coconuts and the vitamin A. B6, B12 from milk.

Citric Acid: A weak organic acid derived from citrus fruits such as lemons, oranges, and limes. This also has some antioxidant properties that help reverse the signs of ageing by loosening damaged skin and exposing the young, healthy skin underneath.

Baking Powder: A natural mineral found in springs, and often used in cosmetics to smooth and clean skin.

We are certain that with so many good ingredients you will be tempted to make these with us. Use code miniE10 to get 10% OFF with your first order.

Oh, we forgot to mention the bad part of bath bombs!

You won’t stop making them, and your brain might be overloaded with the different shapes you can make them. We have warned you!

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