How and when did it all start?

Being a mother of two, I know it has been an endless battle in our home to get the kids to maintain some level of personal hygiene. When they did wash, I had to be super careful of the products they were using on their skin, otherwise, there would be another round of eczema flare-up. 

Unable to make sense of the ingredients at the back of the kid's toiletries and frustrated by doctor's prescription of steroids, I decided to make my own to understand each ingredient and what was causing eczema. I gathered few recipes from online blogs just to learn the hard way that they were not safe either as they were not adjusted for pH, no preservatives and caused mold, yeast and bacteria build up in the products. 


So, I studied and graduated with a Diploma in Organic Skincare Formulation and our kitchen became a lab on most days! It still is! I learned about how skin transforms through our life stages and wanted to ensure that kids looked after their skin from an early age to avoid the dreaded puberty skin changes and problems.

My kids were amused with how easy and fun it was to make bath and skin products, and once they took this up as a hobby, getting them into a  self-care routine and personal hygiene was easier!

When my daughter was 8 years old, she mimicked me and mixed ingredients from the pantry to organise her own spa parties! In time, pampering became a Sunday tradition in our home and family and friends would join in!


After a few years of research, understanding, formulations, passion and much more, I started workshops at school and at home to encourage families to make their own skincare. Interest grew immensely and due to limited space and time, we decided to start a subscription business! This has helped us reach more families and make a difference!


We have been keen on keeping the value and feeling that this journey began with and we try and incorporate this in our boxes every month! And because we didn’t want the fun to stop we also created the party and special occasion spa boxes! Email us for more details as these are personalised and made to order!



What are we doing behind the scenes?


Our monthly kits are hand constructed to include pre-measured, skin enriching ingredients and a tried and tested recipe!

Deciding on a monthly kit requires us to examine every ingredient, its source, its benefits, its qualities, the process and the end chemistry of the product. It's this consideration that gives us our purpose!



Each product we design brings your little ones closer to nature and promotes eco-friendliness. 


Who is part of our journey?

My son and daughter – My inspiration and motivation! These two members help me pack the orders every month. So, if you ever come across a wonky sticker it's these little souls! They are also my little testers as we don’t test on animals (hehe!)


My sister – My pillar! I call her for everything. My first orders, the soap that didn’t set, help running a workshop, run out of milk, the list goes on!


My mum – The one who always encourages me to follow my dreams, shows us unconditional love and support and always finds a way to make us all smile!

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