Frequently asked questions

What ages is mini EARTHLINGS kits suitabe for?

mini EARTHLINGS kits are most popular amongst girls aged 8 to 18 years ! Young ages between 8 to 13 can enjoy working alongside an adult to make these skin treats. Some children can work more independently depending on their level of skill and ambition. However, we recommend adult supervision at all ages.

Grown ups, we know you will get addicted to making it too! But if you are looking for an adult kit we are starting one soon at

What do I get in each box?

Each box includes the ingredients and a recipe card you will need to make for the type of skincare box you selected.

We also include colour and scent oils if required. Some additiinal items are available to purchase as an add on item at check out. Any additional purchases made at checkout will be sent out with the first box.

What kind of DIY products can I expect? Do the products repeat?

Each box at mini EARTHLINGS focuses on a different skincare need. This could be from body, bath, hair, makeup to home cleaning. Each box has a different product so there will never be a repeat.

Are all ingredients included?

All ingredients are included in our boxes; however, colours and fragrances are included as complimentary. Please note that the fragrances are part of mini EARTHLINGS and certified products. Colours are supplied by an independent supplier and we take no responsibility for them. You can however use natural food powder for colouring if you have at home for your convenience.

We try our best to design recipes so you can make them again. Almost all ingredients can be found in the course of your normal grocery shopping or online within UK

Can I get an extra box if there are siblings?

We usually include enough ingredients to make enough for upto 2! So you can share!

When do you mail out the boxes? Do you ship internationally?

When you purchase a mini EARTHLINGS DIY skincare box, we will then start packing your ingredients and putting the box together. Sometimes this can take from 3-5 working days.

Please note we only post to addresses with the UK. Allow 3 to 5 working days for your order to arrive.

Read our policies in the Footer for more details.

Can I give mini EARTHLINGS as a gift?

Yes! Simply give us the giftee's address at checkout and we will send out the box to your chosen name and address.

Thanks for gifting mini EARTHLINGS! They are going to love it.

Do you accommodate for allergic/ dietary restrictions (eczema, vegetarian, vegan, dairy-free, gluten-free, etc.)?

Yes, once you notify us of your skin conditions we try our best to adjust to your requirements. All our boxes are Vegan Friendlly and awaiting certification.

I have additional questions. Where can I learn more?

You can contact us through our Contact Page or you can email us at

If you would like to speak to us over the phone, drop us an email and phone number and we will get in touch. Thank you!

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