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Inspiring preteens to create their own skincare!

We at mini EARTHLINGS are passionate about skincare and hygiene and look for fun and creative ways to build good skincare habits from an early age. 

Sadly skin problems can really affect a young person's confidence and tackling the problem early can be very helpful. Growing up, we were not taught much about looking after my skin, we used shower gel, a random body cream (which was also used on the face) and had a free pass to use mum's cosmetics, which had so many harmful toxins for our skin. We certainly don't want this for our children!


We understand that knowing how your child's skin is changing can be challenging for parents, but with us, you can feel confident that our recipes are designed to suit their growing skin. We keep it simple, fun and educational, so preteens and teens are more open to building a regular skincare routine.

Every month we will send you the INGREDIENTS and a RECIPE. 

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Who should buy a miniE box?

mini EARTHLINGS box is loved by preteens who want to learn a new skill whilst being creative. It's a favourite for those who are conscious of what they use on their skin and are mindful of the planet


mini EARTHLINGS box was created for those moments where you want a reason to bond with your family or friends away from screen time, creating cherished memory!


It was also designed for those who want to give a perfect gift because they want someone they care for to have healthy skin and good hygiene habits!

Last but in no way least, it is for your preteens, as a treat to themselves and an inspiration to learn and take some "me" time… time to make their own skincare and cherish its benefits in it’s pure and natural form.

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from our mini EARTHLINGS followers!

We just made the sugar scrub (smells heavenly) and the lip balms. They were so much fun. You really are providing a wonderful service. My daughter and I cannot wait way next month



A Big Thank you for hosting my daughters 7th birthday party! All the girls loved making the lavender pillows and the rainbow bath bombs. The excitement was amazing as they were creating their own special piece of art that too with all natural ingredients! I would highly recommend mini earthlings to see that special smile on your child’s face.

North London


We made lotion bars, and they turned out to be little cuties. Thank you so much, it was total fun



I am glad I am investing in these kits, as both me and my partner had teenage acne, and we want to be a step ahead with our girl



 "My niece LOVED the sets and even mailed a few samples down for me try, really liked the little lotion bars!This is definitely something I would get for again, as she loves making stuff"



My 7-year-old says she loves these boxes, where you get something to actually do! 5 year old got involved too. 

West Sussex


Thank you so much for teaching our kids how to use natural ingredients for beauty and skin care. It is helping my daughter to know about nature and natural skincare This is one of the best club my daughter is going. 



We finally made our soap play dough and it is amazing! It's so super easy to make with all the ingredients measured out for you, and the recipe card is easy to follow so perfect for children!




Our monthly kits are hand constructed to include pre-measured, skin enriching ingredients and a tried and tested recipe!

Deciding on a monthly kit requires me to examine every ingredient, its source, its benefits, its qualities, the process and the end chemistry of the product. It's this consideration that gives us our purpose!

Each product we design brings your little ones closer to nature and promotes eco-friendliness.